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High Shear Granulator

Industrial High Speed Granulator For Production

High Shear Granulator

Products Description:

Qualtech Products Industry High Shear Granulator is a production scale Granulator offering high efficiency and reliable performance.

This High Speed Granulator is designed and engineered to mix powder particles and to form granules through agglomeration in one process.

Powder particles and binding agent are mixed and being cut by high speed blades into granules.

This High Shear Granulator is designed and engineered using the newest technology to ensure a highly efficient granulation and agglomeration offering a four to five times faster production cycle than traditional systems.

High Shear Granulator – Specifications:

ModelCapacityOutputMixing SpeedMixing PowerGranulation SpeedGranulation Power
QPI-HSG1550L15KG per batch200 / 400RPM5.5KW1500 / 3000RPM2.2KW
QPI-HSG50150L50KG per batch180 / 270RPM15KW1500 / 3000RPM5.5KW
QPI-HSG80200L80KG per batch180 / 270RPM15KW1500 / 3000RPM5.5KW
QPI-HSG100250L100KG per batch180 / 270RPM15KW1500 / 3000RPM5.5KW
QPI-HSG130300L130KG per batch140 / 220RPM18.5KW1500 / 3000RPM7.5KW
QPI-HSG200400L200KG per batch106 / 155RPM22KW1500 / 3000RPM7.5KW

Custom Configurations and Custom Sizes are available. Please ask our friendly expert teams for more details.

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