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Processing Basket Mill

Industrial Scale Basket Pearl Mill for Production Lines

Basket Mill

Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry Processing Basket Mill is designed and engineered in accordance with the newest grinding technology to perform wet grinding and dispersion simultaneously. This Wet Grinding Basket Mill integrates the functions of pre-dispersion and fine grinding into one production machine offering high efficiency and reliable performance.

Offering the newest microchip technology combined with an advanced design this Wet Grinding Basket Mill ensures High Milling Efficiency and Fine Milling Results providing a large range of different options and configurations to best meet your individual production requirements.

The design of this Production Basket Mill  provides for easy cleaning and ensures least residual during production cycles.

Newest Microchip Technology, Advanced Design, High Milling Efficiency, Little Residual, Fine Grinding Results, Reliable Performance, Easy Maintenance, Easy to Swap Baskets, Easy to Clean are some of the main features which ensure this Industrial Production Basket Mill best meets your Individual Production Requirements.

Processing Basket Mills are usually used in the pigment, dyestuff, oil paint, ink, color paste, paint, pharmaceutic and cosmetic industries.

This series of Production Basket Mills is designed and engineered in accordance with international industrial standards.

Processing Basket Mill – Details:

This Processing Basket Mill is designed based on a liquid circulation system which is generated between the material feeding rotor and toothed dispersing disc and grinding beads with high hardness driven by the high-speed rotating pole in the basket to achieve an outstanding milling effect. Good milling fineness, high grinding efficiency, even particle distribution are some of the advantages of this Processing Basket Mill designed to complete the whole milling process under closed conditions. Without dead corners, little residue and easy to clean this type of Processing Basket Mill is one of the best suitable production machines for industrial production environments. This Processing Basket Mill can be ordered with an optional clamp to fix stainless steel containers during operation. This Processing Basket Mill is easy and safe to operation and fits well and conveniently into your production lines. The cover is mirror polished, easy to clean offering a nice appearance.

Custom Configurations, different Basket Designs and different Grinding Media are available to best meet your production requirements. Please ask one of our specialist teams for more details.

Production Basket Mill – Features:

  • Integrates the dispersing and grinding process into one machine
  • Convenient to change the grinding material
  • Less residual to save production costs
  • High grinding efficiency with even particle distribution
  • Convenient hydraulic lifting system is easy to maintain
  • Advanced efficiency even for high viscosity material
  • High speed rotating blade for fast production results
  • Easy to change the color or product, one machine can be used to produce many kind of different products due to easy cleaning system
  • Can be well combined with a portable stainless steel tank (optional)
  • Clamps available to fix containers (optional)
  • Variable speed control to adjust operation speed to your production requirements
  • Easy to use, designed for one person operation,  several equipments can be operated by one person
  • Explosion proof models available
  • Different available Basket Designs
  • Different available Grinding Media

Industrial Basket Mill – Specifications:

Power7.5KW - 55KW
Voltage460Volts 60Hz or 380Volts 50Hz
TypeExplosion Proof Configuration available (Please specify when ordering)
Range of Speed0 -1460RPM
Grinding Capacity10 - 2000L
Contact MaterialStainless Steel SS304
Standard Grinding MediaZirconia Pearls
Lift MechanismHydraulic Lift
Different Basket Design available
Different Grinding Media available

Processing Basket Mill – Available Standard Configurations:

ModelProcessing Capacity (L)Power (KW)Speed (RPM)Basket Milling Capacity (L)Hydraulic Lift (mm)Hydraulic Lift Motor Power(KW)
QPI-IPBPM7.5100L7.5KW0 - 14605L850mm0.55KW
QPI-IPBPM11150L11KW0 - 14607L950mm0.75KW
QPI-IPBPM15200L15KW0 - 14608L950mm0.75KW
QPI-IPBPM18.5400L18.5KW0 - 146017L1150mm1.1KW
QPI-IPBPM22500L22KW0 - 146020L1150mm1.1KW
QPI-IPBPM30800L30KW0 - 146035L1400mm2.2KW
QPI-IPBPM371000L37KW0 - 146045L1600mm2.2KW
QPI-IPBPM451300L45KW0 - 146055L1600mm2.2KW
QPI-IPBPM551700L55KW0 - 146065L1600mm2.2KW

Custom Configurations, different Basket Designs and different Grinding Media are available to best meet your production requirements. Please ask one of our specialist teams for more details.

Processing Basket Mill – Design

Production Basket Mill
Processing Basket Mills
Basket Pearl Mill
Producton Basket Pearl Mill


The performance of the Processing Basket Mill is defined by four stages:

  • Suction
  • Grinding
  • Circulation
  • Separation

During the initial stage of material feeding of the Processing Basket Mill material is drawn into the basket created by the strong suction of the impeller in the basket. The Beads in the Basket of the Processing Basket Mill are driven by the Deflector Rod which rotates at a very high speed. In the further run the Beads in the basket of the Production Basket Mill grind the material to almost instantly achieve super fineness. A high speed dispersing disk rotates at a very high speed to generate a strong centrifugal force at the bottom of the basket. In addition the Self-Suction Impeller draws the material after superfine grinding for dispersion and ejection based on a highly efficient circulation.

Wet Grinding Beads:

Basket Mill Beads

Our series of available Wet Grinding Beads are of excellent quality with an outstanding grinding effect to ensure high efficiency and most important our Grinding Beads do not pollute the material.

We offer a variety of different Custom Configurations, different Basket Designs and different Grinding Media to best meet your production requirements. Please ask one of our expert teams for more details.

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