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Transmittance Haze Meter

Model QPI-2018A

ASTM D1003

Luminous Transmittance Haze Meter ASTM D1003

Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry Professional Series of Luminous Transmittance Haze Meter is designed as a microprocessor-based fully automated Haze, Transmittance and Clarity Test Instrument offering reliable performance and high precision for your laboratory and research.

This precision Transmittance Haze Meter offers the newest microchip technology for high accuracy, high precision and high repeatability combined with the newest user-friendly features including a large Touch Screen Control Panel to comfortably and easily program and manage different test series and to conveniently connect your Transmittance Haze Meter to a PC to export test results for further processing and professional documentation, analysis and much more.

This Transmittance Haze Meter Series offers three different models at the core equipped with the newest microchip architecture to ensure high accuracy, high reliability, high repeatability and ease of use combined with two Light Sources, Illuminant C for general purpose and Illuminant A for example for Automotive Windshields.

This Transmittance Haze Meter precisely and accurately determines the Luminous Transmittance, Transmission Haze and Reflectance of all transparent or semitransparent plan-parallel samples, e.g. plastic panels, sheet materials, plastic films, glass and related materials, and the Turbidity (Clarity) of liquid samples, e.g. water, beverages, pharmaceuticals, stains, oils and related materials.

This precision Haze Meter is designed and engineered to meet the individual User-, Lab- and Research-Requirements best offering three different user-friendly and ergonomic models including a High-End Transmittance Haze Meter featuring the newest technologies, e.g. large LCD Touch Screen, a Mid-Range Transmittance Haze Meter and an Entry Level Haze Meter ideal for smaller sample sizes but still “large” regarding accuracy, precision and repeatability.

This professional Haze Meter is designed and engineered in accordance with International Test standards including:

Haze Meter – Features – Model QPI-2018A:

  • Designed in accordance with International Testing Standards, e.g. ASTM D1003
  • Conveniently determine Haze, Transmission & Clarity
  • User-friendly Menu Navigation and Easy Programming
  • Automatic Calibration for fast and user-friendly application
  • Ready for quick Sample Measurements
  • Large & Open Sample Area suitable for large and smaller samples
  • Direct Printing Send Data for printouts directly to your printer
  • PC Software to transfer data and measurement results conveniently to your PC for additional processing and professional documentation, data analysis, data presentation and much more
  • Film Sample Holder (Included)
  • Solid Sample Holder (Included)
  • Cuvettes – Liquid Specimen Holder (Included)
  • Electric Lift Sample Holder for larger specimen with bi-directional precision track system (Available separately)

Transmittance Haze Meter – Specifications – Model QPI-2018A:

Compliance with StandardsASTM D1003
Display of Transmittance & Haze simultaneously
Measuring Range Transmittance0 - 100%
Measuring Range Haze0 - 99.9% (0 - 30-% Absolute Measurement 30.1% - 99.0% Relative Measurement
Accuracy Transmittance1%
Accuracy Haze0.1% if Haze ≤0.5%, 0.3% if Haze >0.5%
Repeatability Transmittance0.5%
Repeatability Haze0.05% if Haze ≤0.5%, 0.1% if Haze >0.5%
Light SourcesCIE-A Light & CIE-C Light (CIE-A Light, e.g. for Automotive Windshields and CIE-C Light, e.g. for General Purpose)
User-friendly large Touchscreen Display for easy programming
Seamless USB Connectivity to your PC
Plug in & directly connect your USB Flash Drive to download measurement data from the built in memory chips
Measurement of Transmittance and Haze of transparent and translucent plastic boards or sheets
Measurement of Turbidity (Clarity) of liquid samples, e.g. water, beverages, chemicals

Transmission Haze Meter Model QPI-2018B

ASTM D1003

Hazemeter ASTM D1003

This precision Transmittance Haze Meter is designed in compliance with International Testing Standards, e.g. ASTM D1003 (Standard Test Method for Haze and Luminous Transmittance of Transparent Plastics).

Hazemeter – Specifications – Model QPI-2018B

Measurement of Transmittance and Haze of transparent and translucent plastic boards or sheets
Measurement of Turbidity (Clarity) of liquid samples, e.g. water, beverages, chemicals
Compliance with Standards:ASTM D 1003
Newest Microchip Technology and Microcomputer control navigation, easy to program
Display of Transmittance and Haze simultaneously
USB Connectivity to PC
Measuring Range Transmittance0-100.0%
Measuring Range Haze0-99.0% (0-30% Absolute Measurement 30.1-99% Relative Measurement)
Accuracy Transmittance≤ 1%
Accuracy Haze0.1% if Haze ≤0.5, 0.3% if Haze >0.5%
Repeatability Transmittance0.5%
Repeatability Haze0.05% if Haze ≤0.5%, 0.1% if Haze >0.5%
Light SourcesCIE-C Light - All Purpose, Simulating Daylight

Haze Meter

Transmission Hazemeter Model QPI-2018C

ASTM D1003

Haze Meter ASTM D1003

Transmission Haze Meter – Specifications – Model QPI-2018C

Measurement of optical characteristics of the transparent and translucent planes materials
and plastic membranes
Manual zero adjustment and calibration best suitable for small and medium sized laboratories
Range of Haze0-30%
Range of Transmittance0-100%
Accuracy Haze0.5%
Accuracy Transmittance1.5%
Display ModeLCD, monochrome
Repeatability Haze0.2%
Repeatability Transmittance0.5%

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