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Handheld Brightness Meter

Precision Brightness Test Instrument

Brightness Meter

Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry precision Brightness Meter is a Handheld and Portable Brightness Meter for professional application in laboratory and research to precisely measure, evaluate and analyze the BrightnessWhitenessYellowness, Color Fastness and Staining Fastness  of solid specimen, liquid samples, powder specimen and many more.
This new precision Portable Brightness Meter is designed and engineered as a synergy of precision, highest quality, newest microchip technology and newest sensor technology combined with high precision and accuracy, portability, ergonomics, reliability, stability and longevity.

This professional Brightness Meter is a result of dedicated research and testing during the development and design period to deliver a precision Brightness Test Instrument of preferred choice for laboratory, research and quality control.

This Portable Brightness Test Instrument is designed offering the newest multi-channel sensors, a precision IC platform combined with the newest microchip technology to calculate, evaluate and analyze test values fast, efficiently and precise to be a reliable and valuable partner for your laboratory and research.
As an additional feature this precision Brightness Meter offers a PC Software to store, compare and analyze test values, e.g. Brightness, Yellowness, Color Fastness, Staining Fastness and many more functions, for further application in research, laboratory and quality management.

This precision Brightness Meter guarantees precision quality, performance and reliability with an ergonomic design and user-friendly menu navigation and programming options.

Handheld Brightness Meter -Features:

1. Precision Measurement Performance

  • The average fluctuation of △E is in the range of less than 0.03~0.06
  • Design to support stable handling and accurate measurements


2. Flexible and Accurate Locating

  • Camera locating can solve the problem of locating a small area. The minimum width of locating is 4mm
  • Illumination locating is a fast, simple and convenient locating function which is the original function


3. More Measurement Modes

  • Three measuring apertures for more flexibility
  • Three light sources for more accuracy


4. PC Software—Realize More Function Expansion

  • Data Analysis
  • Data Cumulative Analysis
  • Data Sharing
  • Data Presentation
  • Sample Database Management
  • Many more functions


5. Advanced Power Management Design

  • High capacity Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • More than 3000 color measurements on a single charge to ensure portability and use


6. Ergonimc Design and User-Friendly

  • Auto White and Black Calibration at Startup
  • Structure Design in line with Ergonomics
  • User-Friendly Menu Navigation Interface

Brightness Meter – Additional Advantages:

Brightness Meter Features


Handheld Brightness MeterBrightness Test Instrument
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