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Fog Corrosion Test Chamber

Fog Test Chamber

Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry Fog Corrosion Test Chamber is designed to expose samples to a variety of corrosive climatic conditions:

  • Condensation Humidity
  • Salt Spray
  • Air Drying
  • Controlled Humidity
  • Many Related Climatic Conditions

These climatic conditions can be created at user adjustable temperatures and times and can be conveniently programmed to follow any sequence to form a corrosive “cycle”.

These test cycles can then be repeated automatically as required and programmed.

Corrosion Test Chambers offer a large amount of flexibility providing all features of conventional Humidity Cabinets and Salt Spray Test Cabinets, but also provide the ability to undertake complex corrosion test cycles as well. Especially Corrosion Test Cycles show corrosion failure of samples best due to its repeated corrosive influences on the tested samples hence offering the ideal prediction of “real life” performance of tested samples.

Fog Corrosion Test Chamber – Specifications:

● Temperature range:+20 – +65℃
● Humidity range:30 – 100%RH
● Temperature Stability: ±0.5℃
● Temperature Error: ±2℃
● Temperature Uniformity: ≤3℃
● Humidity Stability: +2/-3%RH
● Sedimentation speed of salt fog: 1~2ml/80cm2.h
● The speed of increasing or decreasing temperature: Conversion time <0.5 hour
● Monitor: Programmable Controll System with seamless USB PC-Connectivity for data sharing, data documentation and data analysis

Please click here for details on our Salt Spray Test Chambers:

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