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Xenon Weathering Test Chamber

Entry Level Ideal For Small Laboratories & Education

Small Xenon Test Chamber

Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry Xenon Tester Chamber is a professional Weathering Test Chamber to simulate sunlight exposure to evaluate product performance under accelerated conditions. This Xenon Test Chamber is an entry level model designed and engineered for small laboratories and education offering an air cooled low power Xenon Light Source generating a high level of irradiance within a small area to test small samples and ensure a uniform irradiance exposure .

This Xenon Weathering Test Chamber is designed and engineered to expose samples and specimen to simulated sunlight using a Xenon Light Source combined with the newest microchip technology offering high accuracy, a large LCD Touch Screen, easy programming, real time monitoring, easy calibration, alarm features and error indication.

This entry level Xenon Weathering Test Chamber is available in two sizes, benchtop and standalone.

Xenon Weathering Test Chamber – Features:

  • Large LCD Touch Screen
  • Easy Programming & Reliable Performance
  • Xenon Light Source in accordance with international testing standards
  • Optional Light Filters to conveniently simulate different climate zones
  • Easy Sample Placement
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Precision Control of Irradiance
  • Precision Temperature Sensor & Temperature Control
  • Safety Features & Alarm & Error Indication
  • Available in two different sizes: Benchtop or Standalone

Xenon Weathering Test Chamber – Large LCD Touch Screen:

Xenon Test Chamber Touch Screen Display

Xenon Weathering Test Chamber – Specifications:

ModelQPI-ACWTC50 (Benchtop)QPI-ACWTC80 (Standalone)
Xenon Light Source1.1KW2.2KW
Liftetime Xenon Light Source1,000 - 1,500 hours1,500 - 2,000 hours
Programmable Irradiance RangeFull Spectrum (300nm - 800nm): 300 W/m² - 800 W/m²
0.30 - 0.70W/m²0.30 - 0.70W/m²
Selected Spectrum (340nm / 420nm): 0.30 - 0.70W/m²
Programmable Temperature Range50 - 80°C60 - 80°C
Voltage110 Volts 60Hz / 220 Volts 50Hz110 Volts 60Hz / 220 Volts 50Hz
Water Spray FunctionNoYes
Xenon Light Test Chamber

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