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Diluter & Dispenser

Laboratory Diluter

Laboratory Dispenser

Dilutor System for Research

Diluter & Dispenser for Laboratory

Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry Diluter & Dispenser is a professional multifunctional Diluter and Dispenser System for research and quality management offering high precision combined with four operation modes including Single Syringe Dispenser Mode, Dual Syringe Diluter Mode, Dual Syringes Dispenser Mode and Continuous Mode.

This professional Diluter & Dispenser System offers the newest microchip technology combined with a large LCD display with backlight, comfortable softtouch buttons, user-friendly sample handling, adjustable speed (9 increments), 10 different syringes to best meet your requirements, precision mechanics to ensure high accuracy and high precision with a dispensing range from 25 µl to 25 ml ideal for Single Syringe Dispensing, Dual Syringe Diluting, Dual Syringe Dispensing and Continuous Dispensing suitable for professional dispensing and diluting.

This professional Laboratory Dilutor is the preferred Diluter & Dispenser System for a wide range of applications including Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectroscopy (ICP), High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Forensic Analysis, Liquid Scintillation, Atomic Absorption (AA), Gas Chromatography (GC), Environmental Analysis and much more.

This professional Diluter and Dispenser System is designed and engineered in accordance with international laboratory standards.

Laboratory Diluter

Diluter & Dispenser System – Features:

  • High Accuracy & High Precision (0.002% of the nominal syringe volume)
  • Adjustable Speed Range (9 increments)
  • Flow Rate: 0.003 – 6000 µl/sec (may change with attached syringe)
  • 4 Operation Modes: Dual Syringe Diluter, Single Syringe Dispenser, Dual Syringe Dispenser and Continuous Dispenser
  • 25ul – 25ml range 0.2% accuracy (0.002% of the nominal syringe volume)
  • Dual Syringe Feature ideal for dedicated diluting & dispensing
  • Engineered to fit with 10 different Syringes to best meet your requirements
  • User-friendly & Easy to clean
  • Reliable Performance & Ergonomic Design

Diluter SystemDispenser SystemDilutor System

Dilutor & Dispenser System – Specifications:

Dispensing Volume Range25 µl - 25 ml
Adjustable Speed Range9 Increments
Four Operation ModesDual Syringe Diluter, Single Syringe Dispenser, Dual Syringe Dispenser and Continuous Dispenser
Flow Rate0.003 - 6000 µl/sec (may change with attached syringe)
Sample Contact MaterialPTFE, CTFE, Borosilicate
Available Syringes25 µl, 50 µl, 100 µl, 250 µl, 500 µl, 1 ml, 2.5 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml, 25 ml (two syringes are included, please specify when ordering)
Large LCD Display with backlight
Comfortable Softtouch Buttons
User-friendly Sample Handling
Easy to clean & Easy to program
Reliable Performance & Ergonomic Design
Ideal for a wide range of applications

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