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Manual Polarimeter

Disc Polarimeter

Manual Polarimeter

Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry Manual Polarimeter is a precision Laboratory Polarimeter to determine the Angle of Rotation present when polarized light is transmitted through an optically active substance.

This Manual Polarimeter is the ideal instrument to conveniently determine the Angle of Rotation of an Optical Active Substance based on the Half Shade Principle. The design offers a solid stand with an eyepiece to read sample values with a scale based on Vernier. This Manual Polarimeter can be used with cuvettes or tubes with a length of up to 200mm. The light source is an LED light with a wavelength of 589nm emitting light in the Soduim D range to ensure high accuracy and longevity of your instrument combined with instant and fast measurements based on the new light technology.

This reliable Manual Polarimeter is designed and engineered in accordance with the newest technology offering high accuracy and reliable performance based on the new light technology combined with user-friendly features and an ergonomic design to ensure precision and longevity of your instrument to best support your research.

Manual Polarimeter – Applications:

This precision Manual Polarimeter offers a wide range of applications, e.g. detect Stereoisomers (Dextro-Isomer or Levo-Isomer), analyze the ratio of Enantiomers, measure the Refractive  Index, determine the purity and concentration of liquids.

This professional Manual Polarimeter is often used in Medical and Pharmaceutical Laboratories as well as in the Cosmetic Industry, Food Industry, Beverage Industry and for Eduction at Universities.

Commonly analyzed samples are Polymers, Antibiotics, Steroids, Amino Acids, Sugar and many related products.

Manual Polarimeter – Features:

  • New LED light source for instant measurements and longevity of your instrument
  • Measuring Range -180° – +180°
  • Eyepiece with Magnifier x 4
  • Vernier Scale 0.05°
  • Instant measuring after switch on, no pre-warming required
  • High accuracy and reliable performance

Manual Polarimeter – Specifications:

Measuring Range-180° - +180°
Scale Resolution
Vernier Scale Resolution0.05°
Light SourceNewest LED Technology 589nm wavelength similar Sodium D Light
Eyepiece4 x Magnifying
Cuvettes & Tubes100mm & 200mm
Operation Wavelength589nm
Instant MeasurementNo Pre-warming required
High Accuracy & Reliable Performance
User-friendly & Ergonomic Design
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