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Manual Crockmeter AATCC

AATCC 8-2013   AATCC 165-2013   ISO105-D02   ISO 105-X12   NEXT 6   NEXT 10

Manual Crockmeter

Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry AATCC Manual Crockmeter is a professional test instrument to evaluate the Color Fastness of textile samples subjected to dry or wet rubbing (abrasion).  During the linear rub abrasion the amount of color transferred from the fabric sample onto another white fabric is determined and represents the Color Fastness of the sample. This test method is ideal for all colored fabrics and textiles, e.g. Color Change, Staining.

This professional AATCC Manual Crockmeter is designed and engineered offering reliable performance and user-friendly application combined with an integrated precision counter and user-friendly sample handing.
This reliable AATCC Manual Crockmeter conveniently evaluates the number of test cycles which can be completed until a fabric sample shows noticeable signs of color transfer or wear. The number of completed test cycles determines the Color Fastness and Staining of your sample and is conveniently presented on the large display of the integrated precision counter.

This professional AATCC Manual Crockmeter is designed and engineered in accordance with international test standards, e.g. AATCC 8-2013 (Colorfastness to Crocking: AATCC Crockmeter Method), AATCC 165-2013 (Colorfastness to Crocking:  Textile Floor Coverings—Crockmeter Method), ISO 105-D02 (Textiles — Tests for colour fastness — Part D02: Colour fastness to rubbing: Organic solvents), ISO 105-X12 (Textiles — Tests for colour fastness — Part X12: Colour fastness to rubbing), BS 4655 (Method for the determination of Pile Loss of Woven Cut-Pile Upholstery Fabrics due to Abrasion by the underlying materials), M&S C8/C8A, M&S C25/C52.

AATCC Manual Crockmeter – Advantages:

  • Integrated Precision Counter with large display presenting the number of completed test cycles
  • Conveniently determine Color Change & Staining.
  • Reliable Performance & User-friendly Application
  • User-friendly Sample Handling
  • Professional & Ergonomic Design
  • Designed for Professional Application
  • AATCC 8-2013, AATCC 165-2013, ISO105-D02, ISO 105-X12

AATCC Manual Crockmeter – Specifications:

Nylon Abrasive HeadØ 16 mm
Test Load9 N ± 10%
Stroke Length10 cm
Weight11 lb
Dimensions26" x 6" x 8"

AATCC Manual Crockmeter – Included Accessories:

AATCC Rubbing Cloth200 pcs
Sandpaper2 pcs
Rings2 pcs

Available Accessories – AATCC Manual Crockmeter:

AATCC Grey Scale Staining
QPI-S168AATCC Grey Scale for Staining
QPI-CF168AATCC Grey Scale for Color Change

AATCC Manual Crockmeter – Available Models:

QPI-166AATCC Manual Crockmeter

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