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Digital Cupping Tester

Ball Punch Deformation

ASTM E643 BS 3900E4 and ISO1520

Digital Cupping Tester

Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry Ball Punch TesterCupping Tester – is a precision test instrument to perform a Cupping Test and Ball Punch Test to determine the quality and crack resistance and the detachment of paint and coatings from coated sample surfaces.

This Digital Cupping Testers determines the elongation and deformation qualities of paint and coatings applied onto the surface of a metallic sample.

This Ball Punch Test is often used in relation with testing protective coatings.

This Digital Cupping Tester offers the newest microchip technology for high accuracy and precision combined with a large LCD Display for easy reading of test values and is designed and engineered to ensure reliability, repeatability of tests and longevity of your instrument.

To perform a Ball Punch Test the coated sample is placed int the sample holder.  The size of the sample ca show a maximum of 1.25mm thickness x 90mm x 90mm with a minimum coating thickness 0.3mm.

The Ball Punch Test results are conveniently presented on the large LCD Display and can be observed with the large illuminated magnifying glass attached to the Cupping Tester.

The Cupping Tester complies with ASTM E643 (Standard Test Method for Ball Punch Deformation of Metallic Sheet Material), BS 3900E4 and ISO1520 standards.

Digital Cupping Tester – Specifications:

  • Diameter of punch: ф20mm
  • Maximum dent thickness: 10mm
  • Precision of dent: 0.05mm
  • Counter: Digital display, in 0.01mm increments
  • Dimension of test pane: 70mm x 70mm x 0.30-1.25mm smooth, not deformed
  • Material: Polished steel panel, it complies with GB/T9271standard.
  • Weight: 47kg
  • Dimensions: 200mm x 300mm x 460mm (L×W×H)

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