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T-Bend Tester

T-Bend Flexibility Test

ASTM D4145

T Bend Tester

Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry T-Bend Tester is a precision flexibility test instrument to determine the coating flexibility of prepainted sheet by T-Bend manipulation.

This T-Bend Test Equipment is engineered to assist with the professional evaluation of coating performance of paint and coatings applied on a sheet, e.g. steel, metal, aluminium, by performing a T-Bend maneuver. The coating surface might show cracks at a certain angle indicating the flexibility of the coating.

This professional T-Bend Flexibility Tester bends samples up to 180° around their center point with the coating being applied on the outside of the curved sample surface and conveniently offers to repeat the T-Bend manipulation to perform the relevant T0, T1, T2, T3 Bend Tests.

Performing a T-Bend Test with this professional T-Bend Tester is a user-friendly and efficient procedure. Simply mount the prepared coated sample in the sample holder of the T-Bend Tester and perform a T-Bend maneuver. After the T-Bend manipulation attach a small piece of adhesive tape with a known level of adhesion to the core bending area of the coated sample and pull the adhesive tape off rather swiftly. The coating surface now presents its flexibility and resistance to T-Bending with possible cracks, pulled off paint and similar performance indications representing the coating performance and the T-Bend Test result.

This professional T-Bend Tester is designed and engineered in accordance with international test standard, e.g. ASTM D4145 (Standard Test Method for Coating Flexibility of Prepainted Sheet), “T” Bending Test Method of NCCA, ISO 17132:2007.

T-Bend Tester – Specifications:

Precision engineered high performance steel body
Max bend angle180° (repeatable)
Conveniently perform T-Bend Tests including T0, T1, T2, T3
Max sample thicknessSteel: 1 mm
Aluminium: 2 mm
Max sample width100 mm
Ideal to test a wide range of coated samples
User-friendly sample handling
Fast & efficient T-Bend Test
Reliable Quality
Robust Design
Ergonomic Design

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