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Automatic Scratch Tester

Automatic Mar Tester

Instrumented Scratch Machine

Scratch Hardness Test With Ease

ASTM D2197   ASTM D5178   ISO 1518-1   ISO 1518-2   ISO 12137   BS3900-E2

Mar Resistance Tester

Products Description:

Qualtech Products Industry Mar Resistance Tester is an Automatic Scratch Tester to determine the Mar Behavior and the Scratch Resistance of samples at the touch of a button.

The Mar Resistance and the Scratch Resistance of samples differs in the degree of the damage that may occur during the Mar & Scratch Test on the sample surface.

The Mar Resistance is the ability of samples to resist light scratching, the Scratch Resistance is the ability of samples to resist deeper and harsh scratching across the sample surface. Mar is primarily an optical issue caused by fine and visible scratches on sample surfaces which affect the appearance of sample surfaces, a Scratch is a deeper damage on sample surfaces which may damage the entire coating and go through the entire applied multi coating system.

This professional Automatic Mar & Scratch Tester automatically completes Mar & Scratch Tests and offers the newest microchip technology combined with a high performance motor, precision engineered mechanics, advanced sensors, a range of abrasive indenter in accordance with relevant test standards, a wide range of test loads in accordance with relevant test standards, user-friendly sample handling, high accuracy, high repeatability, reliable performance and an ergonomic design.

This Automatic Scratch Tester is the preferred test instrument to evaluate the mechanical properties of the base material for research and quality management.

In addition to the included standard test loads and abrasive indenter in accordance with the relevant test standards, this Automatic Mar Tester offers custom engineered test loads and abrasive indenter to best meet your requirements.

Automatic Mar Tester – Stylus:

ASTM D2197, ASTM D5178, ISO 1518-1, ISO 1518-2, ISO 12137, BS 3900-E2

Automatic Scratch Tester – Test Loads:

Automatic Mar Resistance Tester

Mar Resistance Tester – Specifications:

Test StandardASTM D2197
ASTM D5178
ISO 12137
ISO 1518-1
BS 3900-E2
ISO 1518-2
Abrasive Indenter TipRing-Shaped Tip
Ring Diameter: 6.5 mm
Hemispherical Metal Tip
Diameter: 1 mm
Sapphire Cone or Diamond Cone
Diameter: 0.06 mm
Abrasive Stylus Angel45°90°90°
Standard Test Loads100 g 1PC
200 g 2PC
500 g 1PC
1000 g 2PC
2000 g 1PC
0.5 N 2PC
1 N 2PC
2 N 1PC
5 N 1PC
10 N 1PC
Adjustable Test Loads:
0 - 50 g
0 - 100 g
0 - 200 g
Abrasive Stylus Speed0 - 10 mm/sec
Continuously Adjustable
35 mm/sec10 mm/sec
Custom engineered test loads available (please specify when ordering)
Custom engineered abrasive styli available (please specify when ordering)
Max Sample Size100 mm x 200 mm100 mm x 200 mm100 mm x 200 mm
Max Sample Thickness Standard Configuration: 1.6 mm (0.3 mm coating)
Custom engineered modifications available for thicker samples, e.g. 10 mm
User-friendly Sample Handling
Newest Microchip Technology
High Accuracy & Reliable Performance
High Repeatability
Reliable Performance & Ergonomic Design
User-friendly & Reliable Design

Automatic Scratch Tester

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