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Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry Filter Cleanliness Analyzer is an advanced Automatic Filter Cleanliness Analysis System with an integrated Cleanliness Analysis Photosystem combined with an advanced Particle Imaging & Analysis Software for the professional evaluation of samples and the cleanliness of samples.

This professional Automatic Filter Cleanliness Analyzer is engineered to verify and to evaluate the technical cleanliness of samples including the analysis of Filter Membranes which may show residual contamination of, for example, washed components.

This advanced and automatic Filter Cleanliness Tester provides reliable, professional and reproducible expert results at the touch of a button.

This professional Automatic Filter Cleanliness Analysis System is engineered for the quantitative and qualitative detection of residual contamination including particles, dust and related materials.

This expert Filter Cleanliness Analysis is relevant for a wide range of advanced technological products and procedures including the electronics industry, aviation industry, aeronautics industry, automotive industry, medical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry and and many more.

Automatic Cleanliness and Particle Analysis Systems simplify workflows and routine quality inspections for research and quality management to increase and to maintain the cleanliness of production and service remarkably extending the lifetime of products and its proper function and improving the production with lower noise levels and with a lower residue contamination.

This advanced Automatic Filter Cleanliness Analysis System is designed and engineered offering the newest microchip technology combined with advanced hardware and software components to simplify the qualitative and the quantitative particle analysis and to ensure instant, reliable and reproducible results at the touch of a button.

An expert high resolution Photosystem combined with an automatic sample platform and an advanced imaging particle analysis software offer a user-friendly experience and user-independent and reproducible results at the click of a button.

Advanced Software and Hardware Components integrate an automatic 3D-Motion System, advanced Autofocus Optics, Panorama Imaging, Particle Image Magnification, Particle Extraction an automated Precision Particle Analysis and much more.

Features include Predictive Focus Algorithm, Scan Speed, Scan Time, Scanned Area, Real-Time Scan Coordinates, Real-Time Output and Feedback, Instant Controls, Exposure Time, Image Focusing, Color Correction, White Balance Correction, Automatic Particle Detection by size, Size and Color Particle Distinction, Particle Size by Color Distinction and much more.

Instantly association and capture the sample particle distribution, create reports, manage data, share and present analysis data and much more.

This professional Filter Clenaliness Tester is designed and engineered in accordance with international test standards including:

Advanced Imaging Software – Filter Cleanliness Tester:

  • Upper left area (marked green): Graphic Particles Presentation
  • Lower left area (marked red): Filtering Selected Particles
  • Upper right area (marked blue): Video Imaging
  • Lower right area (marked purple): Particle Contamination Analysis Results including histograms, scattering and much more

Expert Particle Imaging – Filter Cleanliness Analysis System:

Instant Analysis the Sample Particle Distribution at the touch of a button including:

  • Automatic Detection of Particles
  • Automatic Detection of Selected Particles
  • Distinguish Particle Sizes by Color
  • Present the Particle Material
  • Measure the Sample Particle Distribution
  • Particle Count
  • and much more.

This advanced Automatic Filter Cleanliness Analyzer is an expert Automatic Particle Imaging System, Particle Analysis System and Filter Cleanliness Tester for the professional and instant analysis of samples and products for Technical Cleanliness at the touch of a button.

This professional Automatic Filter Cleanliness Analysis System is designed and engineered in accordance with international test standards including:

Particle Imaging System – Specifications:

Measuring Range0 - 10.000 microns
Number of Particles≥1.000.000
Magnification RangeX 100 - 500
Analysis Time≤5 min
Newest Microchip TechnologyYes
Advanced Dual Channel Photo SystemYes
Advanced Particle Analysis SoftwareYes
High Resolution Imaging SystemYes
Automatic Particle AnalysisYes
Qualitative Detection of Particle ContaminationYes
Quantitative Detection of Particle ContaminationYes
Oil Analysis & Technical Cleanliness AnalysisYes
User-friendly Application
User-friendly Sample HandlingYes
Seamless PC-Connectivity & PC-SoftwareYes
Automatic CalibrationYes
High Accuracy & High RepeatabilityYes
Reliable Performance & LongevityYes
Voltage110V 60Hz
220V 50Hz
Engineered in accordance with international test standards including VDA Vol 19, ISO 4406, ISO 4407, ISO 16232, NF E 48-651, NF E 48-655

Particle Imaging Analyzer & Filter Cleanliness Tester – Included items:

  • Professional Automatic Filter Cleanliness Analyzer
  • PC-Software
  • Wide range of included accessories
  • Quality Certificate
  • Carefully Calibrated
  • User manual
  • Extended Warranty
  • Lifetime Support

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