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Automatic Precision Pycnometer

Variable Volume Pycnometer

High Resolution & Precision True Density Measurement With Ease

Automatic Pycnometer

Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry Automatic Precision Pycnometer is an advanced Variable Volume Pycnometer to efficiently and accurately measure the True Density of samples at the touch of a button.

This Automatic Precision Pycnometer use a reliable Dynamic Vacuum Technology which is more accurate and advanced compared to the standard Gas Displacement Method and Gas Displacement Pycnometers.

This Automatic Precision Pycnometer is the preferred True Density Measurement Instrument to determine the density of a wide range of products including powders, granules, liquids, fluids, creams, pastes, porous samples and related materials.

This Automatic Precision Pycnometer is available in two different models and offers the newest microchip technology combined with a large touchscreen user interface, automatic true density measurement, automatic calibration, high resolution pressure measurement sensors, an advanced high precision temperature control system, precision sample temperature sensors, automatic temperature monitoring & temperature compensation, advanced vacuum technology to ensure high accuracy & high precision, user-friendly sample handling, requires only a very small sample volume (2 g or 2 ml), variable sample cell volume, advanced design to ensure a precision vacuum  controlled sample environment and much more.

To complete a sample test simply add a sample into the sample cuvette and press the start button on the large touchscreen interface. This Precision Pycnometer will automatically complete the sample test and assign a sample reference number to your current sample test and present the weight (g), the volume (cm³) and the true density (g/cm³) on the large 9.8″ touchscreen interface.

This professional Automatic Precision Pycnometer is designed and engineered in accordance with international test standards.

Automatic True Density Measurement

Automatic Precision Pycnometer – Features:

  • Automatic True Density Measurement
  • Newest Microchip Technology
  • Large Touchscreen User Interface
  • Automatic Calibration
  • High Resolution Pressure Measurement Sensors
  • Advanced High Precision Temperature Control System
  • Precision Sample Temperature Sensors
  • Automatic Temperature Monitoring & Temperature Compensation
  • Advanced Vacuum Technology
  • User-friendly Sample Handling
  • Requires only a very small sample volume (2 g or 2 ml)
  • Variable Sample Cell Volume
  • Advanced Design to ensure a Precision Vacuum  Controlled Sample Environment
  • High Resolution True Density Measurement
  • User-friendly Sample Handling
  • Engineered in accordance with recognized test standards
  • User-friendly Test Application
  • High Accuracy & High Repeatability
  • Reliable performance & Ergonomic design

Precsion Density Measurement Pycnometer

Automatic True Density Pycnometer – Specifications:

Test MethodVacuum Gas Expansion
Boyle Marius Principle
Vacuum Gas Expansion
Boyle Marius Principle
Sample Cells2 independent sample test cells2 independent sample test cells
Density Measurement Accuracy±0.02%±0.02%
Density Measurement Resolution0.0001 g/ml0.0001 g/ml
Temperature System Accuracy±0.01°C±0.01°C
Vacuum SystemStatic VacuumStatic Vacuum
Sample Volume Range0.001 - 20 cm³0.001 - 20 cm³
User Interface9.8" Color Touchscreen9.8" Color Touchscreen
PC NetworkRemote ControlRemote Control
Pressure System Range0 - 1000 Torr0 - 1000 Torr
Pressure System Accuracy0.15%0.15%
CalibrationAutomatic CalibrationAutomatic Calibration
Newest Microchip & Sensor TechnologyYesYes
User-friendly sample handlingYesYes
Fast & efficient sample testYesYes
High Accuracy & High PrecisionYesYes
Ergonomic Design & Reliable PerformanceYesYes

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