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Electronic Grindometer

Electronic Fineness of Grind Gauges

ASTM D1210 ASTM D1316 ISO 1524 DIN EN21524 BS3900-C6

Electronic Fineness Grind Gage


Electronic Fineness of Grind Gauge


Electronic Grindometer

Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry precision Electronic Grindometer is a new and reengineered Fineness of Grind Gauge to assist with measuring the particle size of samples by performing an automatic and electronically controlled precision motion when automatically moving the Grindometer Blade across a Fineness of Grind Gage to ensure an increased accuracy and an increased repeatability of your particle size measurements for research and quality management.

Maintaining the familiar visual sample evaluation method applied when manually completing sample tests this Electronic Grindometer increases the accuracy and repeatability of sample tests performed with a Fineness of Grind Gage by always maintaining the same preset speed, the same preset test load and the sample preset angle of the Grindometer Blade when moving across the Fineness of Grind Gage. This helps to reduce or prevent sample measurement errors which may occur between sample tests when manually moving the Grindometer Blade, especially when different operators may manually perform slightly different Blade motions with different speeds, different test loads and different angles which may lead to slightly different test results throughout test series and cause a reduced accuracy and a reduced repeatability.

This Electronic Grindometer is designed and engineered offering the newest microchip technology combined with a comfortable to read LCD display with backlight, an integrated precision motor, user-friendly programming, adjustable test loads to conveniently preset the preferred load of the Grindometer Blade and an open sample area which fits with most available Fineness of Grind Gages to ensure that your currently available Fineness of Grind Gauges very likely fit with this professional Electronic Fineness of Grind Gage.

This Electronic Grindometer is an electronic instrument made of high quality stainless steel to ensure the longevity of your instrument combined with an integrated precision motor operating similar to a robot arm, which automatically moves the Grindometer Blade across a Fineness of Grind Gauge always performing the very same precision motion which can conveniently be preset by the operator. This robot precision motion of the Grindometer Blade ensures that the Grindometer Blade always moves with the same test load, the same speed and the same angle across the Fineness of Grind Gauge to ensure high accuracy and high repeatability of your sample evaluations.

Maintaining the familiar visual measurement method this Grindometer increases the accuracy and repeatability of tests by maintaining speed lad agngle preventing user errors from user to user between different operators

This Electronic Grindometer is ideal for liquid samples, fluids and suspensions, e.g. coatings, inks, pigments, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, chocolates, food and related products.

This professional Motordriven Fineness of Grind Gage is suitable for Single Channel Fineness of Grind Gages, Double Channel Fineness of Grind Gauges and Wide Channel Grindometers and it can conveniently be used with Qualtech Products Industry precision Fineness of Grind Gages and it might fit with the Grindometers which you are currently using as well.

This professional Electronic Grindometer – Fineness of Grind Gauge – is engineered in accordance with international test standards, e.g. ASTM D1210 (Standard Test Method for Fineness of Dispersion of Pigment-Vehicle Systems by Hegman-Type Gage), ASTM D1316 (Standard Test Method for Fineness of Grind of Printing Inks By the NPIRI Grindometer), JIS K5600-2-5, ISO1524, DIN EN21524, BS3900-C6.

Electronic Fineness of Grind Gauge & Electronic Grindometer – Features:

  • Newest Microchip Technology
  • High Accuracy & High Repeatability
  • Precision Blade Motion
  • Conveniently program the Blade Speed
  • Conveniently program the Blade Test Load
  • User-friendly and easy to program
  • Comfortable to read LCD display with backlight for easy reading under different light conditions
  • Reliable Performance & Ergonomic Design

Electronic Fineness of Grind Gauge & Electronic Grindometer – Specifications:

Blade Speed5s, 10s, 15s
Test Load Range1.8 kg - 5.8 kg
Blade Angle85°
LCD Display with Backlight
User-friendly & Easy to use
High Accuracy
High Repeatability
Reliable Performance
Ergonomic Design
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