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Electronic Inkometer

Three-Roller Tackmeter

ASTM D4361

Three Roller Tackmeter

Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry Three-Roller Tackmeter is a professional Electronic Inkometer to conveniently evaluate the high-speed transfer properties of printing ink and UV ink in reference to picking of paper during printing, wet trapping and roll milling at the touch of a button.

This precision Three-Roller Tackmeter is designed and engineered offering the newest microchip technology combined with precision engineered rollers, a large LCD display with backlight for comfortable reading of test parameters and test results under different light conditions including the tack, the roller speed, the temperature, the time, low noise emission, reliable performance and much more.

This precision Three-Roller Tackmeter offers four preset test modes in accordance with the ASTM D-4361 test standard and five additional test modes to freely program individual tests to best meet your test requirements.

This professional Digital Inkometer is the ideal ink properties test instrument to automatically measure the apparent tack of printing ink and UV ink reflecting the properties of ink used when printing with a printing press.

Conveniently evaluate the performance of printing ink and UV ink at the touch of a button with high accuracy and high repeatability including the apparent tack of printing ink and the influences of the speed of the rollers, the film thickness, the solvent evaporation, the ink film splitting and the temperature.

This professional Automatic Inkometer offers three precision engineered rollers to simulate the printing process. The roller at the top is directly connected to the precision tack measurement sensors, the brass roller in the middle offers an advanced integrated heating system to conveniently control and monitor the temperature of the ink. The roller located near the bottom end of this Three-Roller Tackmeter is oscillating to evenly distribute the ink.

This professional Three-Roller Tackmeter is the preferred digital Inkometer to conveniently determine the apparent tack of printing ink and provides relevant and meaningful parameters for research and quality management.

This Three-Roller Tackmeter is designed and engineered in accordance with international test standards, e.g. ASTM D4361 (Standard Test Method for Apparent Tack of Printing Inks and Vehicles by a Three-Roller Tackmeter).

Three-Roller Tackmeter – Features:

  • Newest Microchip Technology
  • Advanced Three-Roller Apparent Tack Measurement System
  • Precision Engineered Rollers
  • Four Preset Test Modes in accordance with ASTM D4361
  • Five additional Test Modes to individually set test parameters
  • Programmable & Preset Roller Speed & Temperature Settings
  • Integrated Memory Chip
  • Statistics Test Mode
  • Measurement Data Export
  • Calibration Mode Feature
  • Cleaning Mode Feature
  • Low Noise Emission
  • High Accuracy & High Repeatability
  • User-friendly & Easy Programming
  • Reliable Performance & Ergonomic Design

Three-Roller Inkometer – Specifications:

Newest Microchip Technology
Roller Speed400 RPM
800 RPM
1200 RPM
1600 RPM
Cleaning Mode Roller Speed150 RPM
Rollers2 Precision engineered rollers with rubber overlay
1 Precision engineered brass roller
Display Resolution0.1
Brass Roller Accuracy≤0.03 mm
Temperature Accuracy≤0.5°C
Integrated Memory Chip
Statistics Test Mode
Test StandardASTM-D4361
High Accuracy & High Repeatability
User-friendly & Easy Programming
Reliable Performance & Ergonomic Design

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