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Ink Rub Tester

Scuff Tester

ASTM D5264   BS 3900   TAPPI T830

Scuff Test Instrument

Ink Rub Tester

Ink Rub Test

Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry Ink Rub Tester is a professional Abrasion Test Instrument and Scuff Test Instrument engineered to determine the Rub Resistance of prints and photosensitive coatings and to evaluate the color transfer of prints and coated samples through rub abrasion.
This includes the abrasion resistance of ink layers, photosensitive layers and coatings as well as the hardness of coatings on printed materials.

In addition this professional Ink Rub Tester is often used to evaluate the abrasion resistance of plastic products, aluminum foils, plastic foils and related materials and finds its further applications in the book printing and book binding industry, in the gravure industry and in the packaging industry.

This Scuff Tester is an ergonomic, motordriven Ink Resistance and Scuff Test Instrument which performs an arc motion across the surface of the printed or coated sample with a test strip which is supported by a specified weight.

The standard weights are two pounds and four pounds, additional custom made weights are available to extend the application range of this Ink Rub Tester and Scuff Test Instrument to allow a wider range of different tests. An additional heated weight provides a uniform test for the evaluation of Hot Abrasion Resistance of printed samples (available as accessory).

Offering a precision stroke this Ink Rub Tester provides highest accuracy and a higher repeatability during tests and simulates more closely the real life abrasion damage on samples.

This Ink Rub Tester is offering the newest microchip technology to ensure high precision combined with a large LCD display with backlight for comfortable and easy reading under different light conditions. The new control panel offers soft touch buttons to ensure the programming of test cycles is most comfortable and the scrolling through the navigation menu and selecting menu items is very user-friendly .

In addition to different available weights this professional Scuff Tester offers four different test speeds: 21 cycles per minute, 42 cycles per minute, 85 cycles per minute and 106 cycles per minute to enable the comparison of test results performed with older Ink Rub Testers and Scuff Test Instruments as well as to offer a more versatile application to best meet you individual test requirements. The main tests which can be performed with this Ink Rub Tester are: Dry Rub Tests, Wet Rub Tests, Wet Smear Tests, Wet Bleed Tests and Transfer Tests, Functional Rub Tests and Hot Abrasion Resistance Tests.

This Digital Rub Resistance Tester is designed and engineered in accordance with international test standards including:

Ink Rub Tester – Features:

  • Scuff Tests
  • Dry Rub Tests
  • Wet Rub Tests
  • Wet Smear Test
  • Abrasion Tests
  • Wet Bleed Tests and Transfer Tests
  • Hot Abrasion Resistance Tests (Heated weights available as accessory)
  • Functional Rub Tests
  • Different additional weights
  • Heated weight for Hot Abrasion Resistance Tests
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to use
  • Low noise during operation
  • Precision testing offering high accuracy and reliability
  • Newest Microchip Technology
  • Large Digital Display with backlight easy to read under different light conditions
  • 4 different speeds preset according international testing standards
  • Soft touch buttons and user-friendly menu navigation
  • Easy to programm
  • Internal data storage and memory chips
  • Reliable, endurable and ergonomic design

Ink Rub Tester – Specifications:

Precision Ink Rub TestsScuff Test
Dry Rub Test
Wet Rub Test
Wet Smear Test
Abrasion Test
Wet Bleed Test
Wet Transfer Test
Hot Abrasion Resistance Test
Functional Rub Test
Large LCD Display with Backlight
Comfortable Softtouch Buttons
Speed21 strokes per minute
42 strokes per minute
85 strokes per minute
106 strokes per minute
Digital Counter0 - 999,999 strokes per minute
Abrasive MotionArc Motion
Standard Test Loads8.9 N / 2 lbs
17.8 N / 4 lbs
Custom Engineered Test LoadsAvailable, please specify when ordering
User-friendly Test Application
User-friendly Sample Handling
High Accuracy & High Repeatability
Ergonomic Design & Reliable Performance
Voltage110 Volts 60 Hz / 220 Volts 50 Hz
Engineered in accordance with international test standards includingASTM D5264 - Standard Practice for Abrasion Resistance of Printed Materials by the Rub Tester
TAPPI T830 - Ink Rub Test of container board

Scuff TesterApplications:

  • Ink Rub Tests and Scuff Tests of Paper Printing Materials
  • Rub Tests of Photosensitive Layers and Coatings
  • Colour Transfer of prints and coated specimen through rub abrasion
  • Abrasion Resistance of Ink Layers
  • Hardness of coatings on printed materials.
  • Abrasion Resistance of Plastic Products, Aluminum Foils, Plastic Foils and related materials
  • Surface and Ink Testings in the Book Manufacturing Industry and the printing industry
  • Surface Testings in the gravure Industry
  • Surface Testings in the Packaging Industry
  • Dry Rub Tests
  • Wet Rub Tests
  • Wet Smear Test
  • Wet Bleed Tests and Transfer Tests
  • Hot Abrasion Resistance Tests (Heated weights available as accessory)

Ink Rub Tester – Arc Motion – 4 Preset Test Speeds:

Ink Rub Testing

Ink Rub Tester – Control Panel with Soft Touch Buttons and Large Digital Display with Backlight:

Ink Abrasion Tester

Scuff Tester – Standard Weights:

Ink Abrasion Test

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