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Electric Laboratory Mixer

Electric Laboratory Paddled Mixer

Electronic Lab Mixer

Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry Electronic Laboratory Mixer is a high quality Laboratory Paddle Mixer offering the newest microchip technology and a large LCD display or large LED display for easy reading and programming combined with a reliable design and precision performance.

This professional Electric Mixer is the ideal Laboratory Mixer for your laboratory for research, quality management.

This precision Laboratory Mixer is available with either a large LCD display with backlight combined with a seamless PC-Connectivity or with a large LED display.

This Overhead Lab Mixer is designed and engineered offering the newest microchip technology:

  • Precision Performance Motor
  • Choose a large LCD display cpmbined with PC-Connectivity or a large LED display
  • Precision Speed Control
  • Flexible Speed Range: Select from low speeds for stirring to High Speeds for dispersion
  • Overload Protection Systems
  • Precision Constant Speed
  • Conveniently Remote Control you mixer with your PC or laptop (LCD display model)
  • Seamless PC-Connectivity to save mixing data to your PC or laptop
  • Large Digital display: Choose LCD with backlight or LED for easy reading under different light conditions
  • Conveniently switch between mixing vessels and different batches
  • Mixing Blades & Mixing Paddles are engineered in one piece to ensure cleaning and to prevent possible contamination of your samples
  • Wide range of different Mixing Blades and Mixing Paddles
  • User-friendly & Ergonomic Design
  • Reliable Performance
Laboratory Paddle Mixer

Lab Paddle Mixer

Electric Overhead Lab Mixer – Specifications:

ModelInput PowerOutput PowerSpeed RangeMax Mixing Volume (L - Water)
QPI-ELM15085W50W100 - 1300 RPM10
QPI-ELM160150W90W100 - 1400 RPM15
QPI-ELM170340W200W50 - 1200 RPM25
QPI-ELM180510W300W50 - 1500 RPM30
QPI-ELM190755W500W100 - 1500 RPM50
QPI-ELM200100W60W50 - 1800 RPM10
QPI-ELM210200W110W50 - 1800 RPM15
Seamless PC - Connectivity (LCD display model only)
Reliable Performance & Ergonomic Design

Electric Overhead Lab Mixer – Mixing Blades & Mixing Paddles:

QPI-MIX180Laboratory Stainless Steel Mixing PaddleGeneral Purpose Mixing Paddle
Ideal for mixing at medium to high speedsStainless Steel 316
QPI-MIX280Low Viscosity Mixing PaddleLow Viscosity Mixing PaddleIdeal for mixing at medium to high speedsStainless Steel 316
QPI-MIX380Low Viscosity Mixing PaddleLow Viscosity Stirring PaddleIdeal for mixing at low and medium speedsStainless Steel 316
QPI-MIX480Narrow Entry Mixing PaddlesHinged blades, unfold when mixing, for narrow entry mixing vessels, e.g. lab bottle, jarsIdeal for mixing at medium to high speedsStainless Steel 316
QPI-MIX580Teflon Mixing PaddleTeflon mixing paddleIdeal for mixing at medium to high speedsTeflon
QPI-MIX680Teflon Stirring PaddleLow Viscosity Mixing BladeIdeal for mixing at medium to high speedsTeflon
QPI-MIX780PTFE Teflon Mixing PaddleCareful stirringIdeal for mixing at low and medium speedsTeflon
QPI-MIX880Laboratory Teflon Stirring PaddleHinged blades, unfold when mixing, for narrow entry mixing vessels, e.g. lab bottle, jarsIdeal for mixing at medium to high speedsTeflon

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