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Laboratory Mini Centrifuge

Colorful & Portable Centrifuges

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Model QPI-MC800

Laboratory Mini Centrifuge

Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry Laboratory Mini Centrifuge is a precision laboratory centrifuge offering reliable performance and excellent results at the touch of a button.

Available in a range of four different colors this portable precision centrifuge is the ideal laboratory equipment for reliable laboratory centrifugation.

Laboratory Centrifugation is a method applying centrifugal force to achieve a sedimentation of heterogeneous samples and specimen. During Centrifugation the dense parts of a sample migrate away from the center of the centrifuge and the less dense parts of a specimen stay close to the center of the centrifuge offering reliable results. Precipitate and Supernatant Liquid can be conveniently withdrawn with a pipette.

This Laboratory Mini Centrifuge offers the newest microchip technology combined with a rotor suitable for up to eight cuvettes, a maximum speed of up to 7000 RPM, an explosion proof design, low noise emission and automatic start and stop when closing and opening the lid.

This professional Portable Centrifuge is the ideal equipment for your laboratory and your research and is used in many different fields including the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, medical industry, biochemical industry, cosmetic industry, food industry and related industries.

This Laboratory Mini Centrifuge is designed and engineered in accordance with international standards including recognized safety standards, e.g. explosion proof design.

Portable Centrifuge

Laboratory Portable Centrifuge Model QPI-MC800 – Features:

  • Newest Microchip Technology
  • Rotor for up to 8 samples
  • Up to 7000 RPM
  • Automatic start & stop when closing & opening the lid
  • Additional convenient Start & Stop button
  • Ideal for professional & efficient centrifugation
  • Powerful Motor
  • Low noise emission
  • Safety Features
  • Reliable & Efficient Performance
  • Ergonomic & Portable Design
  • Available in different colors

Laboratory Portable Centrifuge

Laboratory Mini Centrifuge Model QPI-MC800 – Specifications:

Max Speed7000 RPM
CapacityUp to 8 Cuvettes (0.2 ml, 05 ml, 1.5 ml, 2 ml)
Automatic Start & Stop when closing & opening the lid
Additional Start & Stop button
Operation ModesImpulse Mode & Timer Mode & Continuous Mode
Impulse ModeImpulse Centrifugation
Timer ModeProgrammed Centrifugation (30 sec - 99 mins)
Continuous ModeContinuous Centrifugation
Low noise emission
Powerful Motor
Safety features
Available Explosion ProofPlease specify when ordering
Reliable & Efficient Performance
Ergonomic & Portable Design

Mini Centrifuge

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