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Laboratory Sigma Blade Mixer

Laboratory Sigma Blade Kneader

Laboratory Z Blade Mixer

Laboratory Sigma Mixer Extruder

Laboratory Sigma Blade Mixing System

Laboratory Sigma Blade Mixer

Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry Sigma Blade Mixer engineered for laboratory application is a powerful and reliable Laboratory Sigma Blade Kneader to conveniently mix and knead product samples at your laboratory for research and quality management.

This Laboratory Sigma Blade Mixer is ideal for a wide range of different products and excels with high viscous materials.

This Laboratory Sigma Mixer Extruder offers two z-shaped blades which move at different speeds combined with a rotating mixing blade at the bottom of the mixing vessel to continuously feed material during the mixing process and to extrude the finished product during discharge.

This professional Laboratory Z-Blade Mixer is designed and engineered for laboratory application offering the newest microchip technology to program and to control the kneading procedure combined with an efficient heating system and a powerful motor to best meet you individual requirements for research and quality management.

This reliable Sigma Blade Mixer is used in many different industries including the production of adhesives, rubber, epoxies, lubricants, chemicals, food and related materials.

This Laboratory Z-Blade Kneader is designed and engineered to mix a wide range of high viscous products, e.g. pigments, adhesives, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and related materials under atmospheric conditions or under vacuum.

This Sigma Mixer Extruder is the ideal equipment for your laboratory to efficiently mix high viscous materials and pastes completing a whole mixing cycle in a very short timespan and ensuring an evenly distributed and repeatable mixing result.

This Laboratory Sigma Blade Mixing System is designed and engineered in accordance with industrial standards.

Laboratory Z-Blade Kneader

Laboratory Sigma Blade Mixer – Features:

  • Newest Microchip Technology
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Reliable & Efficient Performance
  • Efficient Heating System
  • Ideal For High Viscous Products
  • Powerful Motor
  • Low noise emission
  • Safety Features
  • Reliable Performance
  • Ergonomic Design

Laboratory Sigma Blade Kneader

Laboratory Z-Blade Kneader – Specifications:

Mixing Vessel Capacity5 Liters5 Liters5 Liters5 Liters10 Liters10 Liters10 Liters10 Liters
Max Mixing Capacity3 Liters3 Liters3 Liters3 Liters6 Liters6 Liters6 Liters6 Liters
Motor Power1.5 KW1.5 KW3 KW3 KW2.2 KW2.2 KW5.5 KW5.5 KW
Mixing Vessel HandlingManualHydraulicManualHydraulicManualHydraulicManualHydraulic
Heating SystemElectricElectricElectricElectricElectricElectricElectricElectric
User-friendly Application
Low Noise Emission
Reliable Performance & Efficient Heating
Ideal For High Viscous Products

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