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Industrial V-Blender For Production

V Blender


Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry V-Blender is an industrial blender for production designed and engineered to prepare blends of a product containing trace components (for example < 1%) or ingredients that are vastly dissimilar in size or density. This V-Blender is best suitable to mix powders, grains, pigments, and it is frequently used in the food, pharmaceutical, paint, chemical and cosmetic industry.

The principle of this production V-Blender is based on the batch being continuously split and recombined, the material flowing down fallowing the gravity and ensuring the product particles are being distributed over a freshly exposed surface of the mixing tank which rotates on a horizontal axis.

For the mixing procedure this V-Blender is being partially loaded with product, but not filled completely to allow a good distribution and it rotates 360 degree on a horizontal axis at a speed in the range of 5 to 20 revolutions per minute.

This production V-Blender offers a high mixing efficiency without dead angles combined with the newest microchip technology delivering precision speed control and reliable performance.

This V-Blender is designed and engineered in accordance with international industrial standards.

V-Blender for Industry – Applications:

Oats and cereals, baking mix and powders, coffee, flavors, sweeteners, milk powders, cosmetics, detergents, fertilizers, metal powders and many more.

V-Blender for Production – Specifications:

ModelTank CapacityMax Loading CapacityMixing TimerMotor PowerSpeed
QPI-VB2050L20L / 20KG0 - 99mins0.75KW20RPM
QPI-VB40100L40L / 40KG0 - 99mins1.1KW15RPM
QPI-VB80200L80L / 80KG0 - 99mins1.1KW15RPM
QPI-VB120300L120L / 120KG0 - 99mins1.1KW12RPM
QPI-VB200500L200L / 200KG0 - 99mins2.2KW12RPM
QPI-VB4001000L400L / 400KG0 - 99mins4KW10RPM
QPI-VB6801500L680L / 680KG0 - 99mins5.5KW10RPM
QPI-VB12002500L1200L / 1200KG0 - 99mins11KW8RPM
QPI-VB18004000L1800L / 1800KG0 - 99mins15KW6RPM
QPI-VB25006000L2500L / 2500KG0 - 99mins18.5KW5RPM

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