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Handheld Opacity Meter

Handheld Shade & Opacity Meter

Portable Cryptometer

Digital Cryptometer

Expert Opacity (Hiding Power) Measurement

ASTM D2805   ASTM D4214   ASTM E97   ASTM E1347

ISO2814   ISO6504

BS 3900-D4

Handheld Cryptometer

Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry Handheld CryptometerPortable Opacity Meter – is a precision Hiding Power Test Instrument & Opacity Test Instrument with Auto-Calibration to determine the Reflectance and Opacity of samples and sample surfaces, e.g. coatings, films, foils, transparencies, paper, cardboards, plastics, pastes, powders, ceramics, textiles, glass, wood, metal, ink, paint and many more.

This Portable Cryptometer – Handheld Opacity Meter – is a professional Reflectance Test instrument to automatically measure the Opacity – Hiding Power – of samples with the press of a single button.
In addition the built in Measurement Statistics Features offers an automatic average Opacity values (Hiding Power) calculation of a series of different measured specimen with the press of a single button presenting the average values conveniently on its large LCD display.

For further measurement statistics and data analysis this Handheld Shade & Opacity Meter offers a seamless USB PC-Connectivity combined with a PC Software for additional data analysis, data documentation, data sharing and data presentation.

This Portable Opacity Meter is designed and engineered offering the newest microchip technology combined with the newest Light Source technology offering a light source which doesn’t require servicing or replacement.
With a single 1 x AA Battery or a rechargeable 1 x AA Battery on a single charge this Handheld Reflectance Meter measures up to 10.000 specimen providing an extensive and very long battery life.

In addition this professional Cryptometer – Handheld Opacity Meter – is engineered offering an ergonomic design combined with a large LCD display with blue backlight for easy and comfortable reading of test values under different light conditions and a seamless PC-Connectivity for advanced data handling.

This Opacity Meter – Handheld Shade & Opacity Meter – is user-friendly, light weight and easy to use to be carried around for fast and efficient Opacity Measurements and evaluation of Hiding Power.

This professional Portable Cryptometer – Handheld Opacity Meter – is designed and engineered in accordance with international test standards including:

Handheld Opacity Meter – Features:

  • Small & Light-weight – Comfortable & easy to use; very convenient to carry with you for measurements in the field
  • Large LCD Display with blue Backlight – Easy and comfortable to read test values under different light conditions
  • Newest Microchip Technology for High Accuracy & High Precision
  • Measurements with the press of a single button
  • Auto-Calibration
  • Built In Measurement Statistics Function
  • Determine ‘Rb – Value’ with the press of a single button
  • Determine ‘Rw – Value’ with the press of a single button
  • Determine Opacity & Hiding Power with the press of a single button
  • Newest Light Source Technology – No Replacement of Light Source required
  • Long Battery Life – around 10.000 measurements on a single battery
  • Ergonomic & User-friendly Design
  • User-friendly & Easy to use
  • Seamless USB PC-Connectivity for additional data documentation, data analysis, data storage, data sharing & data presentation
  • PC Software

Handheld Shade & Opacity Meter – Specifications:

Measurement Range0 - 100%
Measuring Method45°
Power1 x AA Battery (around 10.000 measurements)
Sensor Size12mm x 17mm (elliptical)
Environment Temperature0 - 40℃
Environment Relative HumidityLess than 85%
Seamless USB Connectivity to PC & Laptop
PC Software
Data Export to Microsoft Excel for additional data analysis, data storage and data sharing
Dimensions115mm x 35mm x 65mm
WeightApprox. 200g

Digital Cryptometer – Carrying Box:

Hiding Power Meter

Opacity Meter

Handheld Opacity Meter-box

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