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Buchholz Indentation Hardness Tester

ASTM E110 ISO 2815 BS 3900 : E9 DIN 53153 ECCA T1

Buchholz Indentation Hardness Tester

Products Description:

Qualtech Products Industry precision Buchholz Indentation Hardness Tester measures the resistance of a specimen to material deformation applying a constant pressure with a sharp object. This professional Buchholz Indentation Tester is used to evaluate the hardness of mono-coated or multi-coated paints on a specimen and is used in laboratory, research, engineering and metallurgy fields.

The Buchholz Indentation Test is based on measuring the critical dimensions of an indentation caused by a specifically dimensioned and loaded indenter.

This Buchholz Indentation Hardness Tester consists of an illuminated microscope, a bevelled disc indenting tool with a sharp edge and a steel block holder which provides the required test load of 500g (17.6oz).
To perform a Bucholz Indentation test the test load of 500g (17.6oz) is applied on the specimen for 30 seconds. The indentation caused in the coating of the specimen is measured with the illuminated microscope. The Buchholz Indentation Test results are noted as Buchholz Indentation Units or Buchholz Indentation Resistance with the length of the indentation inversely proportional to the hardness of the coating on the specimen.

This professional Buchholz Indentation Tester complies with international testing standards, e.g. ASTM E110 (Standard Test Method for Indentation Hardness of Metallic Materials by Portable Hardness Testers), ISO 2815, BS 3900 : E9, DIN 53153, ECCA T12.

Buchholz Indentation Hardness Tester – Specifications:

  • Weight of indentatier:  1000g ±5g
  • Indentation load: 500g ±5g
  • Accuracy of indentation readings: 0.1mm

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