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Dry Bath Incubator

Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry Dry Bath Incubator is a professional Digital Dry Bath ideal for a wide range of applications at your laboratory for research and quality management.

This precision Laboratory Dry Bath offers the newest microchip technology and precision temperature control combined with an extensive temperature range, a range of different racks for up to 54 tubes and cuvettes, two large LED displays comfortable to read under different light conditions, an integrated timer, a continuous operation mode, a timer controlled operation mode, user-friendly programming, real time monitoring of the temperature and the time, an exceeding temperature safety feature, general safety features, a see-through cover, reliable performance and an ergonomic design.

This Dry Bath Incubator is ideal for a wide range of applications and is the preferred Dry Bath at many laboratories including clinical laboratories, medical laboratories, histology laboratories, molecular biology laboratories, environmental laboratories, chemical laboratories, biochemical laboratories, industrial laboratories and pharmaceutical laboratories.

This professional Digital Dry Bath is designed and engineered in accordance with international standards.

Dry Bath Incubator – Features:

  • Newest Microchip Technology
  • Precision Temperature Control
  • Extensive Temperature Range
  • Integrated Timer
  • 2 large LED Displays presenting the temperature and timer (comfortable to read under different light conditions)
  • 2 Operation Modes: Continuous Operation Mode and a Timer Controlled Operation Modes
  • User-friendly Programming
  • Real Time Monitoring of temperature and timer
  • Exceeding Temperature Safety Feature
  • General Safety Features
  • See-through Lid (Cover)
  • Reliable Performance
  • Ergonomic Design

Digital Dry Bath – Specifications:

Temperature RangeRT+5°C - 120°C
Temperature ControlElectronic Precision Temperature Control in 1°C increments
Timer Range0 - 99hours and 59minutes
Range of RacksIdeal for up to 54 tubes and cuvettes
Two Operation ModesContinuous Mode & Timer Controlled Mode
Real Time Monitoring of Temperature and Timer
User-friendly & Ergonomic
See-through Lid (Cover)
Exceeding Temperature Safety
General Safety Features
Reliable Performance & Ergonomic Design
Digital Dry Bath

Digital Dry Bath – Accessories:

QPI-AHP1801Dry Bath Rack 18 cuvettes with 0.2ml or 0.5ml & 18 cuvettes with 1.5ml & 2mlDry Bath Rack for 36 cuvettes (18 cuvettes with 0.2ml or 0.5ml & 18 cuvettes with 1.5ml & 2ml)High Quality Aluminium
QPI-AHP1802Dry Bath Incubator Rack 8 cuvettes with 50mlDry Bath Incubator Rack for 8 cuvettes with 50mlHigh Quality Aluminium
QPI-AHP1803Laboratory Dry Bath Rack for 28 cuvettes with 5ml or 15mlDry Bath Rack for 28 cuvettes with 5ml or 15mlHigh Quality Aluminium
QPI-AHP1804Laboratory Dry Bath Rack 28 cuvettes with 5ml or 15mlDry Bath Rack for 28 cuvettes with 1.5ml or 2ml High Quality Aluminium
QPI-AHP1805Digital Dry Bath Rack 40 cuvettes with 0.5Digital Dry Bath Rack for 40 cuvettes with 0.5mlHigh Quality Aluminium
QPI-AHP1806Electronic Dry Bath Rack 54 cuvettes with 0.2mlElectronic Dry Bath Rack for 54 cuvettes with 0.2mlHigh Quality Aluminium

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