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High Temperature Viscometer

Temperature Dependent Visocity

Thixotropy & Time Dependent Viscosity Measurement

Viscosity Measurement & Temperature Control

High Temperature Viscometer

Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry professional High Temperature Viscometer is one of the preferred professional High Temperature Rotational Viscometers to measure the viscosity of samples with a temperature requirement of up to 250°C and to conveniently determine the viscosity of Thixotropic Non-Newtonian samples, e.g. gels, fluids, colloids and related materials.

For samples requiring temperatures higher than 250°C please contact one of our expert teams for more details regarding custom configurations offering temperatures of more than 250°C.

This precision High Temperature Viscometer is designed and engineered to determine the viscosity of samples inside a high temperature environment by maintaining a precision controlled temperature to ensure the accurate temperature stays consistent throughout your viscosity measurements. Ideal for samples such as wax, polymers, hot melts, asphalt and related materials.

In addition to Temperature Dependent Viscosity Measurements this High Temperature Viscometer offers a built in precision timer to determine the Time Dependent Viscosity of  Thixotropic Non-Newtonian Samples and Pseudoplastic Fluids. Ideal for samples such as Honey, Ketchup, Yogurt, Clay, Muds, Plastisols, Thread-Locking Fluids and related materials.

This professional High Temperature Viscometer is designed and engineered offering the newest microchip technology for high accuracy and high precision combined with a large LCD display with blue backlight, a high precision and accurate temperature control system, direct printing option and a seamless PC-Connectivity for data documentation, data analysis, data sharing, data presentation and advanced data storage.

The viscosity of samples is conveniently displayed together with the spindle speed, the torque, the maximum viscosity measurement value of the current spindle and the temperature on the large LCD display with backlight for easy reading of measurement values under different light conditions. In addition an integrated digital alarm system constantly monitors viscosity measurements and sounds an alarm in the instance of the sample viscosity moving beyond the current spindle viscosity measurement range.

The ergonomic and reliable design ensures this High Temperature Viscometer is comfortable to use and user-friendly combined with easy programming features and reliable performance.

This High Temperature Viscometer is the ideal instrument for your laboratory, your research and your quality management challenges to measure the performance of Temperature Dependent Samples throughout a specific temperature range and Time Dependent Samples during a specified time span.

This precision High Temperature Viscometer is designed and engineered in accordance with international testing standards.

High Temperature Viscometer – Features:

  • Displays conveniently Viscosity, Spindle Speed, Torque, Current Spindle Maximum Viscosity, Temperature
  • Seamless PC-Connectivity & Software
  • Direct Printing with Micro Printer
  • Large LCD ClearView Display with Backlight
  • Temperature Dependent Viscosity Measurement
  • Time Dependent Viscosity Measurement of Thixotrophic Samples & Pseudoplastic Fluids
  • Constant Speed Motor & Temperature Range controlled by the newest microchip technology to ensure high accuracy
  • Quick release chuck allows rapid cleaning and fast exchange of the spindle
  • Multipoint calibration for high accuracy and reliable precision viscosity measurement
  • Self-protection System with Alarm
  • Alarm Features monitoring Spindle Viscosity Range
  • User-friendly and Easy to use
  • Reliable design and longevity
  • High precision and high accuracy
  • Complies with relevant international standards

High Temperature Viscometer – Specifications:

Measurement Range50 - 10,000,000mPa.s
Low Viscosity Measurement Range5 - 1,000,000mPa.s
Standard Spindles#21, #27, #28, #29 (
Optional Spindle#0 Spindle Measuring Range ≥1mPa.s
Viscosity Accuracy±1%
Temperature RangeRT+10 - 250°C
Temperature Accuracy±0.1°C

High Temperature Rotational Viscometer – Available Accessories:

  • Additional Spindles
  • Micro Printer
  • High Speed Cooler

High Temperature Rotational Viscometer – Available Models:

  • QPI-HTV2800: High Temperature Viscometer for Temperature Dependent Viscosity Measurement & Time Dependent Viscosity     Measurement

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