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UV Weathering Test Chamber

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UV Test Chamber

Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry UV Weathering Test Chamber  is a Weathering Test Instrument to simulate the effects of weathering conditions, e.g. UV light exposure and water exposure, on samples to conveniently predict the relative durability of samples, e.g. paint, surface coatings, plastic and related materials. 

Weather conditions and climatic influences cause polymer degradation and polymer coating degradation on samples. This reliable UV Weathering Test Chamber is engineered to professionally evaluate these natural effects under controlled conditions at your laboratory at the touch of a button.

This UV Weathering Test Chamber is designed and engineered to determine the physical performance qualities of samples and presents quality alterations such as gloss reduction, fog image, deterioration of strength, powdering, cracking, bubbling, fading and similar effects.

This professional UV Weathering Test Chamber simulates the conditions which influence products in daily life the most and which are most relevant when evaluating and predicting climatic influences on materials, e.g. UV light, high temperature and temperature fluctuations as well as humidity and moisture.

This is achieved by combining features such as high quality UV light sources to simulate sunlight, water spray systems to provide moisture and humidity and a precision heating system to simulate hot weather conditions and temperature fluctuations.

UV Weathering Test Chamber – Touchscreen Display (Model QPI-UV180):


Weathering Test Chamber

UV Weathering Test Chamber – Specifications:

DisplayLarge LCD DisplayLarge LCD DisplayLarge Touchscreen Interface
Control InterfaceComfortable Control ButtonsComfortable Control ButtonsLarge Touchscreen Interface
Salt Spray Test Program Timer1 h - 9999 h1 h - 9999 h1 h - 9999 h
Spray Program Timer1 min - 999 min1 min - 999 min1 min - 999 min
UV Light Wavelength313 nm
91.5 kcal/gmol
313 nm
91.5 kcal/gmol
313 nm
91.5 kcal/gmol
UV Light Sources3 Light Sources with 0.02 KW each3 Light Sources with 0.02 KW each3 Light Sources with 0.02 KW each
Water Spray SystemN/AIntegratedIntegrated
Precision Heating SystemN/APrecision Heating SystemPrecision Heating System
User-friendly Sample Handling
User-friendly Programming
Ergonomic Design & Reliable Performance

uv weathering test chamber

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