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MEK Rub Resistance Tester

Scuff Test Instrument

Solvent Rub Abrasion Tester ASTM D4752   ASTM D 5402   BS 3900

Solvent Rub Resistance Tester

Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry Solvent Ink Rub Resistance Tester is professional abrasion test instrument designed to evaluate the Rub Resistance of prints or photosensitive coatings on the surface of a specimen and to evaluate the colour transfer of prints or coated specimen or photosensitive specimen surfaces through rub abrasion.

This professional Digital Rub Resistance Abrasion Tester can effectively help to evaluate the abrasion resistance, ink layers, photosensitive layers and coatings and the hardness of coatings on printed materials. This Digital Rub Resistance Tester can also be used to evaluate the abrasion resistance of some plastic materials, aluminum foils, plastic foils and related specimen as well as in the book manufacturing industry, in the printing industry, in the gravure printing industry and in the packaging industry.

This Digital Rub Resistance Tester helps to evaluate solvent and ink rub resistance and rub resistance of related materials by rubbing two specimen against each other.

This professional Digital Rub Resistance Tester attaches the specimen to the base of this Digital Rub Resistance Tester. After a standard weight of two psi test weight is put in position over the specimen this Digital Rub Resistance Tester can be preset for a specified number of strokes. A standard rub resistance test series requires 100 cycles. In case required by the test series any number of strokes up to 9,999 strokes can be programmed with this Digital Rub Resistance Tester. After the Rub Resistance Test has been completed the specimen is being evaluated by checking for signs of ink transfer or scuffing.

This Digital Rub Resistance Tester can also be used to perform a Solvent Resistance or Solvent Abrasion Test according to ASTM D4752 and NCCA 11-18.
This Solvent Abrasion Test method is used to determine the degree of cure of a baked film by the paint film resistance to a specified solvent.
To perform a Solvent Abrasion Test chemical solvent Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) is being used. The MEK resistance or degree of cure applies to paint topcoats and primers.
During the Solvent Abrasion Test the specimen surface with a baked film is rubbed with a cloth that has been soaked in MEK until failure or breakthrough of the film appears.
During a Solvent Rub Resistance Test the stroke distance, the stroke rate, the number of strokes, the type of cloth and the applied weight of the rub performance are important for the Solvent Abrasion Test evaluation. The severity of the Rub Abrasion Test can be altered by using different cloth types, different loads and different solvents.

The Solvent Abrasion Test finds its application mostly in in the paint industry. It provides a fast and reliable evaluation of the degree of cure.

This Digital Rub Resistance Tester is compliant with international test standards including:

Please specify when ordering: An optional heated weight provides a uniform test for the evaluation of Hot Abrasion Resistance of printed specimen. The standard model of this professional Rub Resistance Abrasion Tester doesn’t offer the additional heating function. Please ask our expert team for more information.

MEK Solvent Rub Tester, ASTM D4752, ASTM D5402

Digital Rub Resistance Tester – Features:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to use
  • Low noise during operation
  • Precision testing for accurate and reliable test series
  • Continuous speed control
  • User friendly Menu Controls with digital micro-computer for convenient programming
  • Internal data storage and memory chips
  • Manage the problems of low bad abrasion resistance
  • Manage the easy falling-off of ink layers of printing works
  • Determine the abrasion of coatings and ink layers by testing the decrement of coating concentrations or the decrement of coating thickness
  • Reliable and endurable design

Digital Rub Resistance Tester – Specifications:

  • Abrasive Load: 1000 ±10g
  • Adjustable Rubbing Speed: 5-150 strokes/min with continuous speed control
  • Rubbing Head Diameter: 14 ±0.5mm
  • Standard Rubbing Distance: 100mm / 120mm
  • Custom Rubbing Distance: 155mm & more (Please specify when ordering)
  • Digital Rubbing Counter: 0 – 9,999 cycles
  • Sample Size: 270mm x 70mm L x W
  • Power: 110 Volts – 220 Volts 60Hz/50Hz

Solvent Ink Rub Resistance Tester – Available Models:

QPI-SIRRT280 Solvent (MEK) Ink Rub Abrasion Tester

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