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Density Cup

Specific Gravity Cup

ASTM D 333 ASTM D 1475 ASTM D 2805 ISO2811 DIN53217

Density Cup

Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry Density CupSpecific Gravity Cup – is a precision engineered Density Test Instrument designed to verify the density of paint and related materials.

Specific Gravity Cups and Density Cups are used to determine the specific weight per unit volume of a liquid at a given temperature. The Density of coatings should remain constant from batch to batch. Also known as Density (Specific Gravity) Cups.

This series of Specific Gravity Cups and Density Cups are precision engineered of stainless steel or anodised aluminium to determine the specific weight of paints and similar products.

This Density Cup is precision engineered of stainless steel and shaped in a cylinder form with a stainless steel lid. A tiny hole in the center of the lid allows to remove excess paint and air bubbles for highest accuracy.
The tolerance of Density Cups is 0.1% and a Specific Gravity Test is carried out in accordance with ISO at a temperature of 23±2℃.

To evaluate the quality of a coating the Density Cup is used to determine the density of the sample which is then compared with given density standards of the paint. If the measured density value of the sample differs from the given density standard the composition of the the sample is incorrect which will affect the quality of the paint.

Evaluating the density of paint is important to ensure the quality and composition between paint products of the same color.

This series of Density Cups and Specific Gravity Cups is designed and engineered in accordance complies with international testing standards, e.g. ASTM D333 (Standard Guide for Clear and Pigmented Lacquers), ASTM D1475 (Standard Test Method For Density of Liquid Coatings, Inks, and Related Products), ASTM D2805 (Standard Test Method for Hiding Power of Paints by Reflectometry), ISO2811, BS3900 A19,and DIN53217.

Density Cup & Specific Gravity Cup – Aluminium:

Specific Gravity Cup Aluminium

Density Cup & Specific Gravity Cup – Specifications:

QPI-DC137cc/mlMetricCopper with Nickel Lid
QPI-DC350cc/mlMetricStainless Steel
QPI-DC5100cc/mlMetricStainless Steel
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