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Box Compression Tester

Container Compression Test With Ease

ASTM D642 ASTM D4169

ISO 12048 ISO2872 ISO2874


Box Compression Tester

Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry Box Compression Tester is a precision test instrument to evaluate the material performance of packaging material under compression.

This Box Compression Tester performs an Automatic Container Compression Test at the touch of a button to efficiently determine the compressive strength and the material performance of packagings, e.g. cardboard boxes, wooden boxes, foam structures, crates, corrugated fiber boards, drums and cans, for research and quality management.

The Box Compression Test and the Container Compression Test are a type of Crush Test which helps to measure the performance of packaging material under compression and presents the exact requirements of packagings to best support your products. To know the exact performance of packagings ensures your products are always safe during storage, handling and shipping and your packaging costs are well calculated, meeting precisely the specific requirements of your products preventing packaging costs to raise beyond the real requirements and still knowing that your products are always safe.

The Compression Strength Test of packagings shows the relationship between packaging performance and the density or chemical pulp content of packaging materials, with a higher density or a larger amount of chemical pulp the compression strength qualities of packagings increase remarkably.

In addition the design, the shape and the foam filling material of packagings affects their performance being exposed to a wide range of external influences, e.g. loading, handling, dropping and compression.

To perform a Compression Test a sample is crushed between two rigid platens at a constant speed, at a specified temperature and at a specified humidity. These two platens can be either fixed parallel to each other or freely moving fixed at hinges. Sample packagings can be empty or filled, with or without closure.

This professional Compression Tester offers the newest microchip technology combined with precision mechanics to ensure a reliable and efficient performance. The large integrated LCD display with backlight is comfortable to read under different light conditions and presents test data, test programs, compression curves, saved test data and much more. The comfortable softtouch buttons ensure a user-friendly experience when programming different test routines. The integrated printer prints test data at the touch of a button. The newest microchip technology offers a range of programs and features including statistics calculations, built-in memory and user-friendly operation.

This Box Compression Tester offers three main test programs including a Maximum Compression Test, a Performance Test and a Stacking Test. The Maximum Compression Test is ideal to quickly determine the performance of packagings under maximum compression, the Performance Test offers to set different compression parameters to simulate different influences a packaging may be exposed to during handling and transportation, the Stacking Test is ideal to measure the overall performance of packagings under compression for a specific period of time.

This Box Compression Tester Crush Tester is designed and engineered in accordance with international test standards, e.g.:

Box Compression Tester – Test Methods:

  • Maximum Compression Test
  • Performance Test
  • Stacking Test

Box Compression Tester – Features:

  • Newest Microchip Technology
  • Large LCD Graphic Display with backlight presents test data and test curves
  • Comfortable Softtouch Buttons
  • User-friendly Menu Navigation
  • Easy Programming Features
  • Different Test Modes
  • Test Statistics
  • Integrated Memory
  • Integrated Mini Printer
  • Safety Features & Error Indication
  • Low Noise Emission
  • Reliable Performance
  • Ergonomic Design

Box Compression Tester – Specifications:

Compression Range0.1 - 10 KN0.1 - 10 KN0.1 - 30 KN0.1 - 30 KN0.1 - 50 KN0.1 - 50 KN
Compression Speed10 mm/min10 mm/min10 mm/min10 mm/min10 mm/min10 mm/min
Max Platen Distance50 cm60 cm80 cm100 cm120 cm150 cm
Sample Area50 cm x 50 cm60 cm x 60 cm80 cm x 80 cm100 cm x 100 cm120 cm x 120 cm150 cm x 150 cm
ASTM D642 ASTM D4169 TAPPI T804 ISO 12048 (ISO2872 ISO2874)
User-friendly & Easy Programming Features
Reliable Performance & Ergonomic Design

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