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Laray Viscometer

Falling Bar Viscometer

Falling-Rod Viscometer

Determine The Yield Stress Value With Ease

ASTM D4040   ISO12664

Falling-Rod Viscometer

Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry Laray Viscometer is a professional Viscometer to measure the Yield Value (Yield Stress Test) of samples by measuring the time a precision engineered rod takes to fall a distance of 10 cm inside a fluid sample.

The Yield Value often referred to as Yield Stress is the initial resistance to flow under stress of fluid samples. The Yield Value can be measured with the Yield Stress Test which determines the quality of a fluid sample in regards to their physical characteristics as foam, emulsion, surface cling or suspension.

The Yield Value of fluid samples is different from its Viscosity Value, because a high viscosity only represents the ‘slow down’ of the particle movement inside a fluid, but it does not represent its Yield Stress Value and its stability as a suspension.

Qualtech Products Industry Falling-Rod Viscometer is designed and engineered to precisely measure the Yield Stress Value of  liquids, fluids, creams, pastes, conditioners, lubricants, sprays and related samples.

This Laray Viscometer is designed and engineered offering the newest microchip technology for high accuracy and high precision combined with a user-friendly interface for easy programming, a large digital display with backlight for comfortable reading under different light conditions and an ergonomic design for comfortable Yield Stress measurements.

This Falling-Rod Viscometer is the ideal Yield Stress Value measurement instrument for laboratory, research and quality management to efficiently and accurately determine the Yield Value of fluid samples

This precision Laray Viscometer is designed and engineered in accordance with international test standards including:

Falling Bar Viscometer – Features:

  • Large display with backlight for easy reading under different light conditions
  • High Precision Yield Stress Value Measurement
  • Ergonomic Design & Precision Performance
  • Multipoint calibration for high accuracy and reliable precision viscosity measurement
  • Easy Programming Features
  • User-friendly application
  • User-friendly sample handling
  • Reliable design & longevity
  • High Accuracy & High Precision

Laray Viscometer – Specifications:

Measurement Range2 - 200 Pa.s
Rod Falling Distance100 mm
Weight of Rod132 g
Timer Resolution0.01s
Temperature Accuracy0.1°C
Included Weights25 g - 2000 g
Power110 Volts 60Hz & 220 Volts 50Hz

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