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Pantone Color Cards

Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry professional Pantone Color Cards are a color presentation standard and color evaluation system for fast, efficient and convenient expert color comparison and color matching.
This set of Pantone Color Cards offers the new color formula design combined with the new larger color layout to ensure this set of Pantone Color Cards is a convenient, reliable, precise and user-friendly color measurement device to best meet your individual color evaluation and color matching requirements in the field and at your laboratory.
In addition to the PMS (Pantone Matching System) colors this set of color cards designed according to the Pantone Formula Guide also presents 147 new added colors and 14 additional metallic color designs.

Every color in this Pantone Formula Guide is represented by its exclusive serial number, e.g. Pantone “396C” which represents an exclusive color code and conveniently differentiates the color from other colors in the Pantone Color Cards Kit.

For advanced application together with each set of Pantone Color Cards corresponding color mixing details are provided to ensure the correct color composition when preparing the required color, e.g. for printing.

This Pantone Color Identification System provides an internationally recognized, reliable and standardized color evaluation system and color matching system for expert color assessment and delivers a convenient, user-friendly, accurate and recognized Color System.

Pantone Color Cards Set – Features:

  • 1341 professional Pantone Colors including 147 new colors and 14 new metallic color designs
  • Choose from mill-finished coated and non-coated card surfaces
  • Advanced Sector Format Design to ensure convenient and user-friendly color selection
  • Ink Formula Presentation in PCS or percentage (%)
  • Exclusive Pantone Serial Numbers matching each color to ensure accurate, fast and reliable color identification
  • Abundant & Advanced Color Collection offers accurate and convenient Color Identification
  • New Design offering a larger color layout for comfortable, easy and fast color evaluation, color comparison and color composition
  • New & Updated Color Information & Color Composition Reference
  • User-friendly & reliable, durable design

RAL Formula Color Cards

RAL Color Cards

RAL K5 Color Cards – Features:

  • U-Shape Protective Cover
  • Large Color Presentation Area of 5cm x 15cm
  • Ideal for Color Identification, Color Comparison and Color Matching

RAL K7 Color Cards:

The RAL K7 Color Cards Set presents 210 different Colors based on the Classic RAL Color Range.

This RAL K7 Color Cards Set is ideal for Color Identification, Color Comparison and Color Matching.

For more information about this Color Test Instrument and Professional Color Measurement please contact our experts teams for assistance.


RAL K7 Color Cards – Features:

  • Includes the completed range of 210 Colors
  • Five Colors presented on each Color Card
  • User-friendly & recognized 4 digit coding system
  • Each Color represents a size of 2cm x 5cm
  • Each Color Card offers a size of 5cm x 15cm
  • The cards are designed with a Glossy Finish for easy Color Identification & Longevity of your Color Cards Set
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