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KU Viscometer

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ASTM D562   ASTM D856   ASTM D1131

Krebs Stormer Viscometer

Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry professional Krebs Stormer ViscometerKU Viscometer – is one of the preferred KU-Viscometers in the paint industry, coating industry and chemical industry. This precision KU-Viscometer is used to evaluate the viscosity in KU and cP values of Newtonian and Non-Newtonian fluids and liquids, e.g. paints, coatings, liquid washing detergents and related liquids and fluids. The viscosity of sample liquids is conveniently displayed together with the sample temperature and sample weight on the large, user-friendly digital LCD display with backlight for easy reading under different light conditions.

This precision Krebs Unit Viscometer is designed and engineered offering the newest microchip technology for high precision and high accuracy combined  with a large user-friendly LCD ClearView Display set in a reliable design to ensure precision performance and longevity of your instrument.

In addition this KU-Viscometer offers an advanced self-calibration feature to conveniently recalibrate (suggested on an annual basis) this Stormer Viscometer at your laboratory using a standard calibration oil. This advanced self-calibration feature will ensure continuous application of your KU Viscometer. This Krebs Unit Viscometer doesn’t require sending it to a calibration center for recalibration to ensure continuous application without unnecessary waiting times for recalibration and without recurring calibration and maintenance costs. This Krebs Stormer Viscometer is the ideal precision instrument for your laboratory and your research.

This precision KU-Viscometer is designed and engineered in accordance with international testing standards, e.g. ASTM D562 (Standard Test Method for Consistency of Paints Measuring Krebs Unit (KU) Viscosity Using a Stormer-Type Viscometer).

Performing a viscosity measurement of sample liquids or sample fluids with this precision Krebs Stormer Viscometer is a very time efficient and user-friendly procedure. A two-vane paddle is used to measures the viscosity of a liquid or fluid based on its resistance to stirring. The two vanes of the paddle are offset to avoid channeling in viscous liquids and fluids. The measured resistance of the paddle is calculated by the precision microchip system of this professional Krebs Stormer Viscometer and is presented on the large user-friendly LCD Display with backlight in KU units and cP units for convenient reading of viscosity values.
Samples are usually tested in standard sized cups or cans.
The main switch and handle of this precision Krebs Stormer Viscometer has two positions: “UP” – The paddle is standing in a still position and “Down” – The paddle is brought down into the liquid sample and is rotating at a constant speed to measure and display the viscosity of the liquid sample.
The backlit LCD display presents measured viscosity values in Krebs (KU) and Centipoise (cP) units with the associated gram (g) reading and Room Temperature or Sample
Temperature. Each viscosity measurement result is stored under a specific number in the memory chips of this Digital Krebs Stormer Viscometer.

Krebs Stormer Viscometer – Features:

  • Displays conveniently Viscosity in Krebs Units (KU) and CentiPoise (cP), Weight in Grams and the current Room Temperature or Specimen Temperature
  • Large LCD ClearView Display with Backlight
  • Starts and stops automatically when lowering or raising the paddle of this precision Krebs Stormer Viscometer
  • Constant speed motor controlled by the newest microchip technology to ensure highest accuracy
  • Quick release chuck allows rapid cleaning and fast change of paddle
  • Multipoint calibration for high accuracy and reliable precision viscosity measurement
  • Self-protection system
  • Viscometer Sample Area is designed to fit standard sized pints, 1/2 pint and quarter cans
  • User-friendly and Easy to use
  • Reliable design and longevity
  • High precision and high accuracy
  • No weights required
  • Complies with relevant international standards, e.g. ASTM D562

KU Viscometer – Calibration:

This Digital Stormer Viscometer is calibrated across the measuring range to ensure highest accuracy and compliance with international testing standards. It is protected with a specific Calibration Key Lock to avoid accidental corruption of the calibration data during standard test series. In case you would like to calibrate your KU Viscometer in house to save time and to ensure continuous operation we offer an instrument specific Calibration Key Code which is available as an optional accessory.
Please note: This Digital KU-Viscometer is calibrated across the measuring range to ensure highest accuracy and compliance with international testing standards. Our Krebs Stormer Viscometers are calibrated precisely before leaving our factory.

Digital Krebs Viscometer – Specifications:

Measuring Range40 - 141 KU, 27 - 5250 cP, 30 - 1100 g
Resolution0.1 KU, 10 cP, 1 g
Accuracy±1.5% of full range
Repeatability±1% of full range
Operating Temperature15°C - 35°C
Specimen container500 ml standard size (different sizes available)
Power supply100-120VAC & 200 - 250VAC
DesignPrecision & Reliable Performance - User-friendly & Ergonomic Design

Digital KU Viscometer – Available Accessories:

  • Calibration Key Code
  • Additional Paddles
  • SS304 & SS316 Stainless Steel Cans for Specimen

Krebs Stormer Viscometer – Large LCD Display with Backlight:

KU Viscomter

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