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Portable Magnetic Rockwell Tester

Portable Magnetic Brinell Tester

Portable Magnetic Indentation Hardness Tester

Portable Hardness Tester with Magnetic Mount System

Rockwell & Brinell Hardness Tester with Magnetic Feet

ASTM E10 ASTM E18 ASTM E103 ISO 6506 ISO 6508


Portable Magnetic Rockwell Hardness Tester

Products Description:

Qualtech Products Industry precision Portable Magnetic Rockwell & Brinell Hardness Tester is a portable indentation hardness test instrument with magnetic feet to measure the hardness of samples and sample surfaces based on the Rockwell Hardness Number and the Brinell Hardness Test Method on the go.

The magnetic feet of this Digital Rockwell & Brinell Hardness Tester ensure a user-friendly and efficient hardness measurement by conveniently mounting this Rockwell & Brinell Hardness Tester onto a sample surface with the press of a handle and the touch of a button.

This Portable Digital Rockwell & Brinell Hardness Tester offers the newest microchip technology and an advanced magnetic technology combined with automatic calibration, a large LCD display with backlight for comfortable reading under different light conditions, a Rockwell Hardness Block, a Brinell Hardness Block, a Microscope (40X), a Diamond Indenter (120°) and two Ball Indenter (1.588 mm & 2.5 mm).

The integrated data storage and microcomputer offer a wide range of comparable preset material hardness test data and curves to conveniently compare your sample measurement data with test curves and data of similar and related materials already available at the touch of a button.

This Magnetic Rockwell & Brinell Hardness Tester is highly efficient with a sample measurement time of less than 10 seconds.

This professional Magnetic Rockwell & Brinell Hardness Tester is suitable for a wide range of hardness tests and large sample materials including stainless steel plates, bearings, stainless steel pipes, boilers, stainless steel containers, stainless steel vessels, stainless steel heating parts and pipes.

This Portable Rockwell & Brinell Hardness Tester is ideal for batch hardness tests on site as well as for individual samples measurements for research and quality management and offers a measuring range including HRA, HRB and HRC.

This professional Magnetic Rockwell & Brinell Hardness Tester is designed and engineered in accordance with international testing standards, e.g.:

Portable Rockwell Brinell Tester


Magnetic Rockwell & Brinell Hardness Tester – Features:

  • Portable & User-friendly
  • Rockwell & Brinell Test
  • Measuring Range: HRA, HRB, HRC
  • Newest Microchip Technology
  • Magnetic Feet
  • Preset Test Data of a wide range of samples and materials to compare with your current sample test
  • Large LCD Display with backlight for comfortable reading under different light conditions
  • Comfortable Softtouch Buttons
  • Fast & Efficient Measurement
  • Suitable for Batch Measurements & Individual Hardness Tests
  • Diamond Indenter with 120° Cone
  • Two Ball Indenter with a diameter of 1.588 mm & 2.5 mm
  • Rockwell Hardness Block
  • Brinell Hardness Block
  • Microscope with 40X
  • Charger
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Carrying Box
  • High Accuracy & High Precision
  • Reliable Performance
  • User-friendly & Ergonomic Design

Portable Rockwell & Brinell Tester – Specifications:

Test MethodRockwell Hardness TestBrinell Hardness Test
IndenterDiamond Indenter: 120° Cone
Carbide Alloy Ball Indenter: 1.588 mm
Diamond Indenter: 120° Cone
Carbide Alloy Ball Indenter: 1.588 mm
Carbide Alloy Ball Indenter: 2.5 mm
Measurement Range20 - 88 HRA
20 - 100 HRB
20 - 70 HRC
20 - 88 HRA
20 - 100 HRB
20 - 70 HRC
150 - 450 HBW
Initial Test Load10 kg10 kg
Test Loads60 kg, 100 kg, 150 kg60 kg, 100 kg, 150 kg, 187.5 kg
Display Resolution0.1 HR0.1 HR / 1 HBW
Accuracy Test Load≤ 1%≤ 1%
Minimum Sample SizePlane Samples: ≥200 mm x 60 mm, Thickness: ≥5 mm
Cylindric Samples: ≥60 mm, Length ≥200 mm, Thickness: ≥8 mm
Newest Microchip Technology & Magnetic Technology
User- friendly Programming
Included AccessoriesRockwell Hardness Block, Brinell Hardness Block, Microscope (40X), Charger, Rechargeable Battery, Carrying Box
Weight 6 kg
Reliable Performance & Ergonomic Design

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